Friday, October 21, 2005

Hewitt Descending

Is it just me, or are Hugh Hewitt's Miers-related posts taking on a tone of bitterness? Take, for example:
Judge Bork and the anti-Miers crowd are increasingly defined by their Potter Stewart-like standard for SCOTUS nominees: They'll know a good one when they see it.

I missed that part of the GOP platform or the president's campaign detailing the demand for explicit guarantees on Roe and Bollinger, or a set of resume standards. In fact, I missed any criticism remotely approaching this sort of denunciation when Chief Justice John Roberts was nominated, or Clarence Thomas or David Souter before him. . . .

If other anti-Miers critics would carefully lay out their minimum standards for a future SCOTUS nominee -- not by name, but by credential and case holdings of concern to them -- that would help the non-BWAE [Bos-Wash Axis of Elitism] conservatives get their bearings.

Also, this gratuitous slap at The Corner has something of a nanny-nanny-nyah-nyah flair to it. A bit unbecoming, but I can forgive him. After all, Hugh has been busy being doggedly wrong for weeks now -- that's gotta wear on you after awhile.