Friday, October 21, 2005

DeLay: All Smiles

Even during the most difficult moments, Tom DeLay continues to outsmart his political opponents. And their not happy about it:
The Texas Republican is smiling, dressed in a suit and wearing his House pin. Unlike most mug shots, the photograph being circulated on the Internet does not include written information at the bottom, so it looks more like an ordinary snapshot than a mug shot.

That bothers many of the bloggers on the Democrat's "Kicking Ass" website.

Some complained that the official mug shot "doesn't look real -- no ID markings, no booking numbers, etc." Others wanted to see the profile shot. "I want a copy of the warrent [sic] for the back of a t-shirt and his mug on the front," one Democrat wrote. Others indicated they'd like to wipe the smile off DeLay's face.
Poor babies. Don Surber and Kokonut Pundits have a bit to add. And what, praytell, are they saying over on the left side of the blogosphere? Well, there's this:
I can imagine the glee on the faces of Shrubbie's inner circle jerk when they yuck it up about how the Dems won't be able to use Delay's mugshot because he was SMILING! DAMN! Those pesky Republicans are just too cagey for us naive and trusting bleeding hearts. One little smile, and they defused the whole bomb.


Except someone forgot to tell them that people are REALLY PISSED right now and are starting to (GASP!) pay attention to reality. Not the the reality created by neocons as they make the world into their image of a rotting cesspool, but ACTUAL real-type reality that is reflected in things that HAPPEN in the world, as opposed to what things look like in Karl Rove's wet dreams.
Those Krazy Kos Kids, always with the erudite masturbatory metaphors.