Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wallowing in the Miers

The Counsel to the President of the United States can't write. Really. The evidence is now overwhelming. She can't write. Not a lick. Start over at Bainbridge and ride the links. And be sure not to miss this prose nugget (via the Conspiracy):
The passage of this proposed law squarely raises the issues of the special interests laws for the benefit of those who have the wealth and power to cause to be passed self-protective legislation.

* * *
Additionally, I feel confident it will never work and those involved in its promulgation will be smeared with legitimate criticism for a blatant attempt to shield, protect and curry favor with interests that have brought shame on this state, badly hurt our economic development efforts directed at creating jobs and continue to this day to cause our state to be held in disrepute for “justice for sale.”
Later today, I expect Ed Gillespie and Hugh Hewitt will be telling us not to worry because Hapless Harriet will have plenty of talented law clerks behind her. Either that or we'll learn that even poor legal writers deserve representation on the Supreme Court.

My view of Miers has now hit rock bottom. Not only do I believe her unqualified to sit on the SCOTUS (a conclusion I have thus far refrained from drawing), I'm rapidly coming to the view that she's just not a very good lawyer. Frankly, I'm a little bit frightened that the President of the United States has been taking her counsel.

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