Saturday, November 19, 2005

World Toilet Day

I suppose that sanitation really is not something at which to smirk, but, c'mon, World Toilet Day? How is anyone supposed to keep a straight face. One can only wonder how the common man is to mark the occasion . . . so to speak, of course.

Gimme a Break is also blogging on this critical subject:
For those interested in taking toilets to a higher level the World Toilet College (WTC) has been established to respond to the needs of creating an independent world body to ensure that the standards of toilet design, cleanliness, maintenance, quality of work and sanitation technologies are met. Among the courses offered are restroom design, restroom special training and an ecological sanitation course. Can’t speak for others but I’ve already put aside November 19 in order to mark next year’s World Toilet Day. I’m already experiencing the urge to go.
Now that's a life's calling . . . or is that a nature's calling?