Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Veil Slips . . . Again

The other day, DNC Chair (tee-hee) Howard Dean squarely blamed the Kelo decision on “the President’s right-wing Supreme Court.” This despite the fact that the Court’s conservative block – Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas – joined by the squishy O’Connor, was in dissent. A self-respecting Kos Kid was troubled by the idiocy of Dean’s comment, and the deeper idiocy of which it was symptomatic:

There's simply no way that Dean's comments can be spun to make them even remotely defensible. Dean's tendency to shoot his mouth off was endearing to us Deaniacs as a matter of pride during the campaign, but as DNC chair it's been a constant embarrassment.

A comment to that diary entry reminds us we are in the Land of Koz:

I'm 100% behind [Dean's statement]. Why? Because it resonates, and I'm perfectly willing to go for a false statement that illustrates a truth.
In other words, people are mad about Kelo, so we'll blame it on the other side and hope the people are too dumb to question us. Typical Democratic tactic and yet another striking example of the contemporary left's obsession with the "fake but accurate" mode of argument . . . err . . . make that assault. I suppose I should be glad that they bother to tell us when they're lying. In the end, though, the political left's lies are pretty easy to spot.