Saturday, June 16, 2007

We're Back

I've been on something of an extended hiatus. That's about to change. The future is at stake. Where do we stand? Well, it's not good:
  • A President we have supported through darkest night is content to attack us with the language of our enemies, variously denigrating well-meaning conservatives as actively working against the best interests of the country and, through his despicable surrogates Linda Chavez, Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott (to name just a few), as knuckle-dragging, Mexican-fearing bigots. All of this in return for our simple -- and rather unremarkable -- desire to preserve our nation's sovereign perogatives to enforce its laws and defend its borders.
  • We are saddled with an infantile congressional leadership that pays court to the enemies of modernity, spits epithets at our nation's highest ranking military officers and seeks to hasten disaster on a current battlefield.
  • We are confronted with Democratic contenders for the Presidency who are, to a person, frightening for their inability -- or unwillingness -- to accept that September 11 and subsequent events were clear declarations of future intent.
Although that's just for starters, it's bad enough. So, where to? I'm not quite sure yet. But I'm not going to just ride along. Here we go.

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