Sunday, November 06, 2005

Not My Father's High School

Hell, it's not even my high school:

Two students were discovered recently having sex in an Anne Arundel County high school gym.

Four students at Col. Zadok Magruder High in Rockville were arrested in June after performing sex acts in the school parking lot. A boy and a girl at Springbrook High in Silver Spring were caught "touching inappropriately" in a school bathroom. Last year, three teenage boys at Mount Hebron High in Howard County were arrested after a student accused them of sexually assaulting her in a school restroom, but charges were dropped after the boys said the sex was consensual and the girl recanted.

"Students would have intercourse on the stairwells, locked classrooms, in the locker rooms," said Ihsan Musawwir, 18, a recent graduate of Dunbar Senior High School in the District. "It was embarrassing for me to walk in on it."

Jessica Miller, 19, who graduated in June from T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, said that for some students there, sex on campus is a popular fantasy -- and sometimes a reality -- particularly in the auditorium.

I'm tempted to count my lucky stars that my two children are still a 8 and 10 years away from high school. I don't count them because (1) they're going someday and (2) unless something changes, we'll soon be reading similar articles about middle schools. For now, I'll take comfort in the fact that, due to our relocation to York, we no longer face the prospect of D.C. Metro-area schools. I know, I know, it's not just the big cities, but c'mon, let me fool myself for a few more years . . . please?

In the end, one recent high school grad displayed wisdom beyond her tender 19 years:
Miller, the T.C. Williams graduate, said she didn't understand why adults were so shocked. "Our parents are the ones who had the sexual revolution, so why are they surprised?"
Good question. By the time they die out, will there remain so much as a stitch of the social fabric that the Baby Boomers won't have undermined? Although that's a big question -- one for another post -- I'm not optimistic.